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Thanks For a Great Night!

101.5 the music place would like to thank Blue 5 Restaurant, MY RADIO and especially all our Listener Society members for coming out last night for one of the best Monday nights this town's seen in a long time!

MY RADIO played a killer set, (as always!) & the food was over-the-top tasty! But above all else, our members are the BEST - all so supportive & full of great ideas for the station & our Valley! Each & every one of you are helping us achieve our goal as a community resource that can nurture the great quality of life we enjoy here in the Roanoke Valley. So thanks again, we appreciate your support!

If you haven't joined the 101.5 the music place Listener Society yet, you'll want to get on board NOW, before you miss another great opportunity for fun & freebies! JOIN TODAY!  

June 1, 2010

Listener Society Members Just Keep Winning!

Every day we get e-mails from excited members of the 101.5 the music place Listener Society extolling the virtues of joining The Society. It's not just the FREE CDs, vinyl, tickets, gift certificates and event opportunities that they love, but the chance to help support 101.5 the music place that seems to resonate the most with our members. And this warms my little music lovin' heart!

101.5 the music place is committed to helping our community, and raising the standard for listeners across the region. We can't count how many times we're told "I've been waiting for this station to come to Roanoke my ENTIRE LIFE!" And we're glad to do it - but we need YOUR help! Joining the 101.5 the music place Listener Society is a great place to start!

101.5 the music place Listener Society members pay less than a dime a day (!) to enjoy a myriad of benefits, including the aforementioned Freebies that they can win each week, but they also can bask in the knowledge that they are part of a bigger picture: a valley overflowing with quality music, good times, and new friends! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

So JOIN US TODAY! You'll be glad you did!

April 13, 2010

Haven't Joined the 101.5 the music place Listener Society Yet?

Here's just a few of the fun things you've missed:

The "Weekly CD Grab Bag" has given away countless FREE cds and 5 pairs of FREE tickets to Kirk Ave. shows, and we published our first newsletter, featuring riveting profiles of both our gal Ripley & singer/songwriter K. C. Clifford. Our winning Listener Society members had a blast (for FREE,) at the K. C. Clifford show - Here's a few comments I received the following day:

Rick Whittaker wrote: "K.C. and David were truly inspiring. The music was great, the storytelling could go all night, but most of all, the joy they shared on stage was a gift to us all!"

Greg Averill shared his thoughts as well: "This was my first visit to the music hall, what a great first show! I was impressed with K.C. and the feel of the setting there. It was my guest's first time also, and she really enjoyed it; she will be listening to 101.5 from now on! Thanks for allowing the opportunity to attend...keep up the good work...I will be back!"

Bill Corey seemed overwhelmed in his enthusiastic email: "Boy did we have fun! K.C. and David were awesome! We returned home with multiple CDs & big smiles on our faces! It was also really great to see virtually everyone helping out with the food bank, too! Connie, my wife, thought K.C.'s delivery was an amazing blend of sounds she has heard from the likes of Patty Griffin and Jonatha Brooke with a quirky kind of Tori Amos flair! It is really great to be a Listener Society winner! We will be listening every day!" (I might just have to enlist Connie to write us some reviews for upcoming newsletters!)

So what are YOU waiting for? This week we'll be giving away more FREE CDs, a $25 gift certificate to Nawab Indian Restaurant, some exclusive new vinyl, (for all you old school audiophiles!) a signed poster of the Watson Twins and more... but you've got to be a 101.5 the music place Listener Society member to reap the rewards! For only $36 a year, (that's less than a dime a day!) you can support your favorite radio station & enjoy all the benefits you're missing out on right now! JOIN TODAY & Don't miss another chance to win FREEBIES & have FUN!

Members, check your email inboxes regularly and especially on Fridays between 9 am & 2 pm...The Grab Bag will be extra special this week! Also check in here at the 101.5 the music place website for more opportunities to win win WIN!

And by all means, Enjoy the Music!

Click Here to Join Today!

March 3, 2010

 Big News!

Because of your enthusiasm and all your requests for greater involvement with 101.5 The Music Place, we've got something really special for you!

After speaking with many listeners from all over the area, we've put together a fun organization and we now invite you to join the 101.5 The Music Place Listener Society!

It's a great way to meet and mingle with all the enthusiastic music lovers who have embraced 101.5 The Music Place is their radio station, and our community is growing daily.

For a paltry $36 a year, yes that's less than 10 cents (one thin dime,) a day, Listener Society members will be eligible to receive a variety of fun and valuable benefits, including:

  • Exclusive FREE member-only concerts & community events
  • Monthly newsletters & e-mail blasts
  • Retail discounts at partner businesses
  • Special member-only discounts to cultural events & happenings
  • Member-only CD giveaways
  • Special sound check sessions at select Kirk Avenue shows
  • Being a part of Roanoke's most intriguing new musical experience!

Click Here to Join Today!

March 1, 2010

We have been in the process of re-engineering the internal architecture of our website.  This process has taken longer than anticipated but is nearing completion.  Once completed, there will many new and improved features which will keep you informed of events pertaining to 101.5 The Music Place, our advertising partners and our Roanoke community.  During the final stages of this process, it may, from time to time, interfere with the live stream.  Any disruptions will be temporary and the stream will be restored as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and your love.



January 18, 2010Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we remember more than a man. We celebrate more than a memory.
We look at more than the world we see.

Today we pay homage to possibilities. We dream of life's improving conditions.
We ask of ourselves, what needs to be done? What can we do? When we will do it?
January 1, 2010

Best wishes to everybody for a healthy, enriching and satisfying 2010.


December 28, 2009

Marshmallow Madness on New Years Day at high noon in Elmwood Park. myScoper.com and SAK Intermedia are throwing down the Marshmallow Massacre of 2010. It is major combat with edible ammunition which then becomes the perfect addition to mugs of hot chocolate in celebration of the thrill of victory.
December 24, 2009


Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

See you next year.


December 13, 2009


We've received quite few inquiries from folks wanting to put their voice on one of the 101.5 The Music Place identifiers we run. All are welcome. Just call Sam at 540 344 2800 to schedule a time to drop by and lend your voice to our cause. We'll also be out and about with a portable mp3 recorder seeking participants. Check in at the Facebook page for times and locations.

December 8, 2009ONWARD...

More new songs in the library... more new pages on the website... more new colleagues... more new fans on facebook... more coming every day...

November 27, 2009ONWARD...
We hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. While we were preparing for, and enjoying the holiday, the Gremlins came out in force and caused all manner of technical mayhem.  Everything is back to normal thanks to the special efforts of our colleagues who worked on their days off. Read More...
November 17, 2009ONWARD...
A couple of things. You can now access our playlist archives by clicking on the calendar widget on the home page. That will take you to a larger calendar which will allow you to access any day of the last month by just clicking on the date you are curious about. Read More...
November 10, 2009ONWARD...

We launched some new programs this week and we hope you like them. On Sunday mornings from nine until eleven o'clock The Acoustic Cafe takes over The Music Place for two hours of new and classic acoustic music. Songwriting is what brings all the artists together in the Anna Arbor studio that is home to the AC. If you love great songs and performances of great songs you will probably feel right at home with the AC. Read More...
October 25, 2009ONWARD...

It was nice meeting all the folks who stopped by The Kirk Avenue Music Hall Friday. A heart felt thank you to Gary and all his associates for their great hospitality. We are all privileged to have a venue committed to new and adventurous music in the midst of our community. Please support ALL the venues in town that are committed to more than the top 40. Please make a special effort to support the 101.5 The Music Place partners who advertise with us on air. Their support is crucial to our success. We are in the process of developing a special recognition page on this site to help you find them. The very first business to show the wisdom to advertise on 101.5 The Music Place is the Coffee Pot. Show them some love! Read More...
October 22, 2009ONWARD...

As you can see, we are now providing a running list of what we are playing in real time on the website directly under the click to listen widget. For all those of you using Safari you should empty your cache before the new widget will seat properly. This new feature will also keep track of what has been played. We hope you find this feature useful. Read More...
October 19, 2009ONWARD...

THANK YOU! Wow! What can we say other than thank you for all your welcoming comments and greetings. Believe me, they were overwhelming and truly appreciated. My favorite comment was from someone who wrote, Roanoke finally has a radio station for people who don't stay stay home to watch "Dancing With The Stars". To each his own... Read More...

101.5 fm the music place is designed and committed to serve that segment of the Roanoke population that actively supports the cultural arts and the community advocacy organizations within greater Roanoke.

101.5 fm the music place will endeavor at all times to elevate the entertainment experience for ALL members of the audience and other interested parties by broadcasting progressive music created by exciting artists. 101.5 fm the music place promises to keep the public informed of the activities of all of the various organizations within the Roanoke area that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the city for all.
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