Dave Coleman, Jason "Hitch" Hitchcock, and Dave Ray (pictured left to right) are some of our favorite visitors here at 101.5 the music place's Studio 101.


In his spare time, Dave Coleman (lead vocal/ guitar) likes to design and create print artwork. He usually brings along a few prints when he comes in to perform in Roanoke. You might be able to add one to your art collection the next time these guys come through town. Dave is glad to get to know you after the gig and he'll talk to you about just about any subject. Between writing songs and creating prints, Dave is also a pretty talented handyman.


"Hitch" (bass) is the guy that everyone wants in their band. He's always got a smile for anyone he meets and his musical skills are undoubted by anyone who hears him play. When the Coalmen come to town, you're guaranteed to find Hitch making new friends and looking for another band to check out after the Coalmen show is over.


Behind the drums, you will find Dave Ray. Like the rest of his bandmates, Dave is outgoing and enthusiastic about performing for music fans of any stripe. If you get the chance to say hello, you'll find Dave to be down to earth and happy to meet you (especially if you came out to see the show). On the drums, he does more than keep the beat. Dave Ray adds a power from the back of the stage that you can feel well beyond the confines of the venue where they are performing.