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Join 101.5 fm the music place Listener Society TODAY!


First & foremost, we want to THANK YOU for your support and for joining us in our efforts to bring exciting new music to the Roanoke Valley!


As we begin, please share your ideas on how to make the Listener Society an organization that works for you, our community, and 101.5 The Music Place.  


101.5 The Music Place is YOUR radio station - we want your feedback. Discover a great new band you want to hear on the radio? Let us know! Found a business in town that would be a great partner for us? Tell us. Share your ideas for a better Roanoke, and together, we will make it happen!


Don't want to use your credit card? Send a check or money order for $36.00 payable to "101.5 the music place Listener Society" to WVMP, 101.5 the music place, 210 First St. SW, Suite 240, Roanoke, VA 24011.


Be sure to include your name, mailing address and email address. An email address is required for membership. Your registration will processed and you'll receive your Welcome Pack in the mail in a few weeks.


Check back here often for special events and deals that only Listener Society members can enjoy. Feel free to contact me, Lezlie Snyder, at if you have any questions or just want to share ideas. And by all means, Enjoy the Music!


Listener Society Printable Signup Formif you prefer, you can join the listener society by sending us a check.  Print this pdf form and mail it in! View .pdf Signup Form
101.5 fm the music place is designed and committed to serve that segment of the Roanoke population that actively supports the cultural arts and the community advocacy organizations within greater Roanoke.

101.5 fm the music place will endeavor at all times to elevate the entertainment experience for ALL members of the audience and other interested parties by broadcasting progressive music created by exciting artists. 101.5 fm the music place promises to keep the public informed of the activities of all of the various organizations within the Roanoke area that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the city for all.
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