• WVMP 101.5 the music place Welcomes 106.9!
    101.5 the music place welcomes all our new friends and neighbors in Franklin County, Bedford City and County, western Lynchburg and all the hamlets of Smith Mountain Lake!

    We are happy to now announce that 101.5 the music place can be heard in its entirety on 106.9 as well as 101.5, as we are now simulcasting on the two frequencies.  Nothing will change as far as content is concerned, but all the people who used to lose us on their way home can now just flip over to 106.9 and continue to experience 101.5 the music place!

    The 106.9 frequency is strongest in an egg shaped pattern from north of Big Island and Sedalia, south to Smith Mountain Lake, west to downtown Roanoke and east to western Lynchburg. Due to the transmitters location the mountains play a significant role in obstructing the signal in some areas. We know this improvement does not encompass every person and area who wants 101.5 the music place 24 hours a day, but it does make it available to thousands of people who could only listen on their computer before this.

    For the past several weeks we have been experimenting with placing the 101.5 the music place programming on 106.9. The experiment was interrupted by some technical difficulties caused by a ferocious lightning storm, but continued to its conclusion with satisfactory results.

    All the requests for this addition prompted us to try it and we are happy to be able to deliver it to such an enthusiastic group music lovers.  We will continue to expand and improve our transmission coverage at every opportunity.
101.5 the music place welcomes the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op as our newest sponsoring partner! Not only have we joined forces in spirit, but we have formed a special partnership, which we believe will enhance your listening experience and enrich our community. Beginning September 28th, 101.5 the music place, in partnership with the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op, will begin broadcasting an original, two- minute program about food consumption, and how it affects our world and our complex society. We'll broadcast this locally produced program each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in the 10:00 a.m. hour. We're certain you will find this local production to be interesting, compelling, and entertaining!
101.5 fm the music place is designed and committed to serve that segment of the Roanoke population that actively supports the cultural arts and the community advocacy organizations within greater Roanoke.

101.5 fm the music place will endeavor at all times to elevate the entertainment experience for ALL members of the audience and other interested parties by broadcasting progressive music created by exciting artists. 101.5 fm the music place promises to keep the public informed of the activities of all of the various organizations within the Roanoke area that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the city for all.
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Roanoke Valley Conversations
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