Yamaha FG820 Guitar Review

Yamaha has been around for more than over a decade now. It is known around the world for its high-end range of vehicles. But if you live in Japan or this part of the globe, you will know how notorious Yamaha is for its range of supreme acoustic guitars as well. Over the years, it has promised one great guitar after another. It launched its FG series of guitars a while ago and constant additions have been made to the FG series one after another. In this review, we are talking about its much popular and worthy guitar addition to the FG series; FG820.


Yamaha FG820 is winning us over for all the right reasons. It is part of one of the most reputed guitar series by Yamaha, FG series that was launched back in 1966. The FG820 serves for an excellent quality acoustic guitar that is very affordable in cost and comes with promising high-end features as well. This guitar ticks off all the right boxes; music tones, playability, sound quality, built and design.


As far as the design and looks of this guitar are concerned, it makes for an ideal combination guitar. It is dark, glossy with a smooth and silky finish. The looks are extremely attractive which is certainly pleasing. Yamaha does tend to disappoint sometimes with the looks but thankfully, this guitar is not a disappointment in the design category.

Sound quality

The one thing we absolutely adore about this guitar is its well-balanced and warm sound tones. It is an ideal country music, folk music and modern music guitar. It produces the perfect combination music with rich tones and seamless projection with minimal robust interference. The sound throw is loud and clear. The bass is well-balanced and cuts out of the noise of the surroundings very easily.


Made with high quality mahogany rosewood, the body is excellent in its quality built. It does not disappoint as far as quality is concerned. It delivers in terms of long term durability. At a good price and great quality, you can trust this little friend to stay with you for a long time.

Final word

We feel that with Yamaha FG820 traditional acoustic guitar, Yamaha has managed to win us over. It comes with a perfect set of features and an ideal built. With a traditional design and modern sound layout, the Yamaha FG820 is the perfect guitar for all the right reasons. It has a durable, high quality build and produces excellent quality well-balanced sound. It is winner and a great investment at a great price.